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Six Great Steel Building Models


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Six Metal Building Models

With Six Great Models - We Have a Building Solution For You


Economical and Durable Steel Building Kits

You’ve seen our buildings on TV, now experience what we can do for you. For almost 40 years, American Steel Span has been the world’s leading manufacturer of pre engineered, easy to assemble, arch-style metal buildings for a variety of uses. Garage Plans and Steel Sheds with Factory Colored End walls and arches are optional and available in the A, P and S models only.

Versatility, strength and economy of design make our steel arch buildings the perfect choice. Easy to customize for all your needs and if you outgrow your space, our buildings can easily be expanded with little hassle.

"A" Series Model

Available in COLOR

American Steel Span’s NEW "A" Series all steel metal building features a 4:12 roof pitch ideal for steel storage garages, workshops and storage sheds in high-snow load areas. Available from 20’ to 40’ wide and unlimited lengths.

"P" Series - Pitch Roof Model

Available in COLOR

Traditional Style Truss-less Straight Wall Steel Building With a Pitch Roof. With their high sidewall clearance, the American Steel Span’s P-Series steel building is perfect of the back yard or commercial shop, a single or multiple-car garage, shelter for your boat, RV or custom vehicle, a workshop or storage sheds. Ranging in size from 14’ to 30’ wide with unlimited lengths, the ends of these versatile buildings can be easily customized to fit your home’s decor.

"Q" Series Model

Full Arch Model, Steel Framed Buildings, Metal Building Kits. If it’s quality you’re looking for, or economy, durability and a building that is virtually maintenance free offering the maximum useable interior space with no poles, beams or obstructions, the American Steel Span’s Q-Series Steel Buildings are the buildings for you. These remarkable arch-style metal buildings are ideal for storing and protecting grain, livestock, hay, machinery and equipment with plenty of room left over for a workshop. They are many times stronger than I-Beam buildings or old-fashioned pole barns and are completely vermin proof. Available in sizes 20’ to 100’ wide with unlimited length. They are so versatile they are also used for storage sheds, industrial shops and warehousing, for retail store-fronts, as skating rinks, indoor softball stadiums and even as a paint-ball arena.

"R" Series Model

American Steel Span’s "R" Series Steel Building comes in widths from 20’ to 100’ and is a durable roof system. The R Series is made of the highest quality US commercial Steel available and simply bolts together for a weather tight seal.

"S" Series Model

Available in COLOR

Modified Arch with a High Sidewall and Rounded Roof. High sidewall clearance, a clear span with no beams or posts, superior durability that channels away heavy snow or rain, a 30-Year, steel-mill-backed perforation-resistance guarantee...these are just a few of the many features that, by far, make American Steel Span’s S-Series Steel Buildings the number one steel building in America today. These metal buildings are most preferred by commercial and industrial shop owners, by recreational vehicle and boat owners, by farmers and by truckers of all kinds to protect their valuable investments whether it be a pick-up truck or an 18-wheeler. S-Series Steel Buildings are available in sizes that range from 16’ to 50’ wide with unlimited lengths, these versatile, highly economical buildings are also ideal for use as workshops and storage sheds that are virtually maintenance free.

"T" Series Model

American Steel Span’s T Series Building offers a unique shape in widths of 20’ to 50’. A Lean-to type structure that is perfect for economically adding space to existing structures and storage sheds..

Economical, Durable and Virtually Maintenance Free
Arch Style Steel Building Kits.
Proudly Made in the USA

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Arch Building Construction- American Steel Span manufacturers prefabricated, ready to assemble arch style steel buildings. Simple Do-it-yourself bolt-together building kits.

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●  38 years of metal building design and manufacturing experience producing top quality products at lower prices.

●  Personalized service from trained technicians who will respond to your inquiry, discuss your needs, and price a steel building to your specifications within 24 hours.

●  Made from Galvalume? steel , the highest quality, heaviest gauge commercial U.S. steel available in the world.

●  Precision manufacturing and design meeting or exceeding industry standards.

●  American Steel Span steel buildings are 100% made in the USA using only the highest grade U.S. commercial steel to ensure the best quality and workmanship available.

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A Series Model, Pitch Roof Models & More - Metal Building Models

steel garage buildings, low cost steel garages - A Series Building


A-Model building features a 4:12 roof pitch ideal for steel garages, workshops and equipment storage in high-snow load areas. Available up to 40’ wide with unlimited lengths.

Prefab Steel Building, Metal Storage Building- Model P Series


With its high sidewall clearance, the P-Model is perfect for a residential garage or workshop, a single or multiple car garage, equipment shelter, garden shed and more. Ranging in size from 14’ to 30’' wide with unlimited lengths, these versatile buildings can be easily customized to fit your home's decor.

Prefab Metal Building Installation - Model S Steel Building


The S-Model is great for: storage sheds, warehouse construction, barns, factory and distribution centers, and more. This model boasts high sidewall clearance for maximum vertical storage and a column-free interior for maximum floor space. The S-Series range in sizes from 16’ to 50’ wide with unlimited lengths.

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The Q-Model design suits many applications: hay barns, aircraft hangars, grain and livestock storage, backyard workshops, boat and automobile storage, retail outlets, distribution centers, alternative housing. 100% usable interior space with no poles, beams or obstructions. Available in sizes from 20’ to 100’' wide with unlimited lengths.

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