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We are always interested in adding quality related links to our resource directory, HOWEVER, if you do not have the ability or desire to "exchange links" please do not submit a link request.  In order to get your site listed you must follow the instructions below.


Our Link Information:

Title:  American Steel Span Ready to Assemble Steel Buildings and Garages

Description:  Economical, Durable and Virtually Maintenance Free Arch Style Steel Buildings, Barns, Hangars and Garage kits. Factory Direct. World Wide Shipping.


Acceptable Categories:  Construction, Home Improvement, Business, Industrial, Manufacturing, Buildings, Builders - No General or Misc. Categories will be acceptable.


Automotive Aviation Boating
Building and Home Improvement Classified Sites Farm and Agriculture
Garden and Landscaping Horses and Livestock Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Recreation
Non-Related Resources Real Estate Recreational Vehicles
Shopping Tools and Equipment Trucking Industry
Web Resources Woodworking Welding and Other Trades
Green Earth and Eco Friendly Handguns and Rifles Survival and Preparedness


If you had a link here and now it is gone, that is because we checked and you either removed our link or we were totally unable to "manually" locate it on your site or it was buried so deep in a useless unrelated link farm no one would ever be able to find it and that sort of linking is totally useless to us.

We have just spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and recreating our Link Directory.  We were shocked at the amount of abuse and broken or absolutely useless links.

To stay active in our resource directory, you must have our link on "your home page" or "your link/resource page". If you have a link/resource page then it must be clickable from your HOME PAGE! If you want to be reactivated, then email us when the link to our site has returned noting the "exact" location of our link.

We do not accept links for Third Party Linking, Non- reciprocating Sites, Business Opportunities, Real Estate, Personals, Adult Related, Gambling, Gaming, Lottery, Dating or Horoscopes., or any site that is not related in some way to our site or that fits within the structure of our link categories.

Link Exchange Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully. Not following these simple instructions will result in us not linking to your site. Due to the overwhelming number of people who don't follow through with the link exchange, if you do not follow these instructions the way noted, we will be forced to ignore your request!

Step 1.

Sites must be in some way related to our site or fit within the categories of our Resource Directory. We donít even consider Non- reciprocating Sites, Business Opportunities, Personals, Adult Related, Gambling, Gaming, Lottery, Dating, pharmaceuticals, no sites with illegal content, NO sites with 'Pop-up' proliferation, or Horoscopes.  Due to gross abuse we are no longer accepting links for Real Estate or Unrelated Resources even though those categories are shown above.  Important: If you have a link page on your site you must have a link to it on your HOME PAGE, no exceptions! And, YES WE CHECK and we will be checking often Ö manually!

Step 2.

Place our text link WITH THE DESCRIPTION given on your site and it must be linked to . YOU MUST INCLUDE THE DESCRIPTION ON A TEXT LINK REFERRING TO OUR SITE.  See our Linking Information above.

Step 3.

Now you are ready to go to the best category for your site and click the Add Link Button and supply us with your information. All link requests MUST INCLUDE a verfiable EMAIL ADDRESS. If the instructions have been followed we will review your link and it be installed quickly.

Step 4.

Remember we will not post any site unless all the steps are done first. Thanks.




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